After the first flush of writing adventure stories for all ages, in comics, I was asked to contribute to a more grown-up series of prose short stories called Weird Heroes. I created Viva! for that, and it got me thinking about prose novels. In time, I wrote my first one, The Point Man, and it did so well the publisher, Dell, contracted me to write a second novel.

I set that second book in the Silicon Valley and called a friend of mine who worked at Atari, to ask him some process questions. He said, "I don't know the answer to any of that, but come work for us!" That seemed obviously nuts at first, but in the end he convinced me that games had a better future. I gave back Dell's advance and started designing adventure stories for gamers.

Later, Kurt Busiek asked me to write a prose story about my comics character Coyote™ for a book he projected doing, but which never materialized.

In addition - as far as I'll admit - I did one book in a series which was written under a house name. Though it was a lot of fun, if a noted crime fiction editor hadn't smoked me and the other authors out, TALON Force: Hellstorm wouldn't be on this list - and wasn't when the site was launched.

And finally, I wrote a screenplay called "Majorca" that Black Coat Press has published in book form. I dunno if that's "prose," but hey, words is words.

More words, without a pause for breath, followed in the Spider short story.

And now, coming full circle, The Point Man has led to a new series from Tor Books, starting with The Long Man.

The Point Man Viva!
The Long Man How Coyote™ Dissed the Sky
The Plain Man TALON Force: Hellstorm
The Arena Man Majorca
The Spider : "Señor Suicide"

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