One of the high points of my life, which I've talked about a lot, is a trip my wife and I took through Europe after I finished what got called the "definitive Batman." After traveling through the summer and fall, we ended up on the Mediterranean island of Majorca for the winter. George Sand did something similar and ended up with a book called A Winter in Majorca. I ended up with the idea for a book that I couldn't write just then because I was in the middle of The Point Man. But years later, when I started working in Hollywood, I turned the idea into a screenplay called "Majorca."

That screenplay is still in play - so to speak - and when Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier asked for something they could publish in book form as part of their Black Coat Script Library, I jumped at the chance to make it more visible. So Majorca the book is "Majorca" the screenplay, in screenplay form.

There are two things I need to emphasize. One, the young couple that goes to Majorca the island in "Majorca" the screenplay and lives "a psycho-sexual thriller" is not us. We had good times on the island but not these good times; "Majorca" is fiction. And two, if the term "psycho-sexual thriller" isn't clear enough, this script is rated R.

That said, it's $15.95 from Black Coat Press.