The Arena Man
Max August Book 3

Max August is Timeless, trained by Cornelius Agrippa to live forever unless murdered by the worldwide conspiracy known as the Necklace, a wealthy oligarchy that has worked toward world-domination for three hundred years and is finally ready to launch its main offensive.

Max has only a few allies in his global resistance. Chief among them is Dr. Pamela Blackwell, his lover and apprentice in the alchemical arts. Pam is very close to reaching Timelessness herself, though the last tests on her path are the hardest. And there's one potential ally Max and Pam know nothing about: Vee, a British singer with an uncanny knack for all things magickal. She's learning her craft from an ancient book...written by Agrippa.

Even with their uncanny powers, how can these few resourceful people stand up to a world-wide conspiracy that has already conquered both politics and the media? They face a lonely and decidedly uphill battle - and even if they win, the war is far from over. But Max is Timeless, and Pam is close. Vee has regained Agrippa's magick. And all three live both in this world and in worlds beyond.

Wizards versus dictators, here and now. Is this the day that freedom finally vanishes from the world's arena?

The Plain Man


Cover art by Frank Stockton.

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