The Point Man
Max August Book 0

Well, I went to Europe to write the Great American Novel, and here's what I came back with. It was the summation of my understanding of magick after years of writing Dr Strange, and that required a freer canvas than comics could provide.

I asked for the byline of "Stephen" Englehart because Stephen King used "Stephen" and I thought that's what "real" authors did - and have regretted it ever since. For better or for worse, I'm Steve, and the other has sounded pretentious to me since the moment I first saw it in print.

Robert Anton Wilson got the front blurb because he was hot - and a writer who'd inspired me on many levels, though he didn't know me from Adam - but I was more moved to get a quote, used on the back cover, from Theodore Sturgeon, a true visionary.

IThe Tor cover by Frank StocktonI
The original cover by Rich Corben



Probably contacted while half asleep, Sturgeon said, "Full of reach and astonishment....Few working writers alive have his sense of sound and of scene."

PS. I wrote this while living on the Mediterranean island of Majorca, and even while crafting one story, I was contemplating another - which eventually became a screenplay called, uh, "Majorca." That story is now available - still as a script but published in book form.

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