The Multipath
Adventures of Superman

Brilliant Digital

The original idea for The Multipath Adventures of Superman was six CD chapters, and it was rightly assumed that no one writer could do all that in the very short time frame that had somehow been allotted. So I was brought to New York to sit with fellow writers Weezie Jones, Danny Fingeroth, Rob Simpson, Ryder Windham, and Scott Sonneborn, and (briefly) Brilliant Digital producer Jack Feldstein, to scope out a truly massive game scenario - and all its alternate paths. This creative round table was scheduled for three days, which I knew going in was wildly unrealistic, and it ended up going a week. And since I'd had experience in situations like that, going back to Pajaro Dunes think tanks for Atari and co-creating Malibu's Ultraverse with my fellow Founding Fathers, I was able to help keep it moving forward; otherwise it would have run two weeks. Not that I would have minded; I love to sit in a room full of creative minds, being creative.

Afterward, we each went away to write our CD's-worth. Mine was #5, involving a massive battle on top of the Daily Planet Building, Lois Lane working with Lex Luthor, and Jimmy Olsen becoming the hero of Metropolis (unless you took a path leading to the end of the world). But I reiterate that this breakdown was part of the original idea; Brilliant later modified the material for online gaming instead of CDs so it broke out differently.