A Fistful of Aliens


This was an offbeat but fun project. Yes! had an idea for collectible little creatures and wanted a storyline to justify them. There was no actual game to design - play was based on rock/paper/scissors. What I had to do was build a world for kids' imaginations to play in, with these three eternal races, and come up with ways to make gameplay as interesting as possible.

Dredrocks crush Gangreens with muscle, Gangreens neutralize Bluspews with slime, and Bluspews melt Dredrocks with acid. When two Aliens of the same color come up against each other, the victor is determined by power numbers on the bottom of their feet. There are additional Power Player Aliens to tilt the balance of power, such as 2-species Mutants, super-powered RAMMs (Rare Alien Metallic Mutants), Crystallites, the great warlord Jangutz Khan - and the Elemental, a mutant mixture of all three races.