First - your computer hasn't blown its display. This is the game section so the screen's turned black for good reason.

My experience with games runs the gamut. The first column and a half below are games I've designed, co-designed, or weighed in as a story consultant. Then come a few select manuals I've written, out of a much larger number. And finally there's, where I was, in two different incarnations, Web Site Editor and Senior Creative Consultant.

As discussed under Prose, I was writing my second novel, set in Silicon Valley, when I called a friend at Atari to ask him questions, and ended up abandoning the novel to jump into game design. When I joined Atari it was huge; six months later it went into a steep decline. Since it employed thousands at the time, I don't think I can take full credit for that.

When Jack Tramiel bought Atari and fired most of its employees overnight, I started writing comics for the second time, but continued to design games as a freelancer. Later I joined Activision as a Game designer and Documentation Manager. After Activision moved to LA I returned to freelancing. My most recent staff position was with (twice).

Game creation is much more of a group effort than any other of my several careers, and I just can't mention everyone I've worked with, but if I've overlooked someone important or misremembered anything, I'd like to know. Drop me a line.

All Hallows' Eve Spook
Bard's Tale IV The Strangers
Camelot 3000 Multipath Adventures of Superman
E.T. Phone Home [computer!] Tales of Totem
Final Legacy The Tribe
A Fistful of Aliens Tron2.0
Selected Manuals
Mark Twain Battletech: Crescent Hawks' Revenge
MetalMorphis Shanghai II
Mondu's Fight Palace
Web Site Editor
Parallel Worlds
Rad Gravity
Senior Creative Consultant
Spider-Man vs the Kingpin Part Duh

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