vs the Kingpin


After Bard's Tale IV for Electronic Arts, I freelanced a couple of games for Sega. First up was Spider-Man vs the Kingpin, which I certainly got due to my comics background. It was not Sega's policy at the time to throw a comic in with the game, but I sold them on adding one by touting Activision's approach.

The comic was obviously inked by John Romita, but I don't remember who penciled it. If you know, please let me know. I mention in the Comics section that I've only written Spidey as a guest-star and as a proposed novel, Spider Noir, but maybe this counts.

The game was true to Spider-Man's character, unlike its successors (following the same dynamic as my Batman movie and its successors). Spidey needed to web-sling and wall-climb, but his number of web cartridges was limited. The only way to get more was to take photos of himself in action. He had 24 hours to find a set of keys that led to a bomb the Kingpin was threatening New York with, but he'd get tired as the game progressed and needed to rest with Mary Jane [unlike 24's Jack Bauer]. Could Peter Parker pull it off???