"You Are Too Beautiful"

There was nothing in my contract for THE NIGHT MAN comic that required my involvement with any TV show - a failure in the contract, for sure, though the idea of comics becoming Hollywood properties was nowhere near as prevalent then. Still, when the series was announced, I naturally determined to get involved.

There is always a prejudice against the creator of a concept when it moves to another medium; I knew that. There is also a prejudice against someone who hasn't written for the specific medium; I knew that, too. And, I had no Hollywood agent, so I was using my New York literary agency, McIntosh & Otis, in the person of Evva Pryor. However, Evva handles clients' books being made into films, so she's used to dealing with LA, and, more importantly, she gets results. My result was an offer from producer Glen Larson for a trial run: I could write one script so long as it didn't turn out to need extensive rewriting.

I wrote one script and it was accepted without any rewriting, which, as explained to me by the showrunner, Steve Miller, almost never happens. (I was new; I didn't know.)

That script was "You Are Too Beautiful" (original name "It's DeLovely"), and it deliberately focused less on NightMan (as The Night Man was now known) and more on the love affair between a good girl and a handsome man who turned into a monster. I had to show I could write Glen's show, not my comic.

"You Are Too Beautiful" became the season's most popular episode. Where all episodes are run a second time and some are run a third, "You Are Too Beautiful" alone was run four times.

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