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My film career has all come from my work in other fields - primarily comics - being translated to the silver screen. (Are screens silver anymore? Were they ever?)

It began with my making Captain America popular enough to warrant two bad TV movies being made about somebody with that name.

It hit its stride with my making The Batman and his world something movie audiences would pay to see, and being brought in to make that happen.

It got running with my creating The Night Man, having him adapted quite faithfully to the television screen, and becoming a regular writer for that series.

It hit a wall when my latest Batman was adapted for The Dark Knight and I was deliberately ripped off for it. I'd thought, by that time, that I'd become a real Hollywood guy, with two near-misses on TV series to my credit, but a complete rip-off on a film obviously moved me into "REAL Hollywood guy" territory.

On the series, my agent did a deal with Greenblatt/Janolari for a concept called Ghost Harbor. G/J hooked me up with a writer from Chicago Hope to do the pilot, but she had a death in the family and we missed the selling deadline. Before the next selling season opened, the exec who'd bought the idea left for MTV and the project never revived.

Next, I was given the nod to become a staff writer on Charmed - but first they had to sign the bigger-ticket writers. And once they had, they'd used up their budget and could no longer afford me.

But when Star-Lord debuted in a film that actually got made, it was the largest-grossing film of 2014, leading to two sequels and an animated series.

And then Silver St. Cloud (or at least a weird version of Bruce Wayne's perfect woman as a teen) joined Gotham.

So all's well that's ending well.

Guardians of the Galaxy Doctor Strange
Batman NightMan:
"You Are Too Beautiful"
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"Double, Double"
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