The success of "You Are Too Beautiful" led to more scripts. Next up, "Dust," about the mummy of an Egyptian queen who's accidentally returned to life by NightMan's laser eye-beam, and takes Raleigh, Johnny Domino's buddy, under her spell.

Couple of things here. First, Raleigh has no counterpart in the comic, but was added to the series to give Johnny/NightMan someone to talk to. Second, Raleigh was played by an American actor (Derek Webster) in the first season, which was shot in San Diego, but when the series moved to Vancouver for its second season, Canadian rules forced everyone in the cast except Matt McColm (NightMan) to be replaced by Canadians or dropped altogether. Johnny's father Frank and House of Soul owner Jessica Rogers (another TV addition) were axed; the police presence switched from Lt. Charlie Dann to Lt. Briony Branca; but Raleigh, as Johnny's confidante, had to remain - so he was replaced by a Canadian (Derwin Jordan) who looked very similar and basically played the first guy.

Johnny's father Frank was played (in the first season, and once in the second season) by Earl Holliman, a fine actor who made his name in 60s TV.

PS. Non-Hollywood people have asked why the credits say "Created by Glen Larson." That's a Writers Guild rule; the specific term "created by" goes to the person who creates the TV version. My credit was "Original 'Night Man' Comic Book by" - at least during the first season. Once the series moved to Canada, Canadian rules forced almost all credits to Americans to be dropped.

Oh, Canada...

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