"Double, Double..."

My third script for the TV series was the climax to an ongoing storyline concerning NightMan's arch enemy, Kieran Keyes. Keyes had become more and more of a thorn in Johnny's side and needed to be finished off in a spectacular fashion.

If you've read my comics, you know spectacular stories are a specialty - let alone spectacular stories with a magickal vibe. Of the three, this was the script that was closest to a NIGHT MAN comic epic. Johnny's father returns for a brief stint in this story - his only appearance in season 2 after being killed in the season opener.

I have said from the start that this was one of the best-ever TV adaptations from another medium. THE NIGHT MAN was always about a normal guy, a jazz musician, who gains the ability to hear the evil plans of others and feels the need to make himself into someone who can stop those plans. In the comic, his physical "powers" came from technology you can buy over the counter; on the series, they came from advanced military technology, which added a nice visual flair; but the character and situation were the same, and that's what counts with me.

In M. Night Shyamalan's homage to comics, Unbreakable, his hero's invulnerability could have been inspired by several dozen characters, but his ability to hear evil could only have come from The Night Man.

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