First Marvel Scripts I


My art jobs for Marvel weren't exciting anyone, but I was still an editor. When Gary Friedrich's SGT FURY 94 came in, de facto Editor-in-Chief Roy Thomas wanted major revisions in the script and had me do them. Evidently he liked the result, because right after that, Gary turned back a job he'd been holding onto - dialoguing a little story plotted by Al Hewitson - and Roy asked me to script it from scratch. That was "Terror of the Pterodactyl," and my first credited job is covered in First Marvel Scripts II.

Over the next six months, even as my credited stories began to appear, I continued to do uncredited collaborations - sometimes by design and sometimes at the last minute.

In addition, we somehow managed to lose the file of readers' letters for CAPTAIN AMERICA 148, so I wrote all the letters we printed (as well as the answers).

co-writer with Gary FriedrichI
"Loyalty...or Love!"
co-writer with Holli Resnicoff
co-writer with Gary FriedrichI
Ico-writer with Ogden Whitney
co-writer with Gary FriedrichI
"As Good As Any Man!"
co-writer with Holli Resnicoff
Wrote all the letters on letters pageI
Ico-writer with Gary Friedrich




MY LOVE 16: I also drew a story in this issue.