First Marvel Scripts II

As noted in First Marvel Scripts I, I got my first writing credit on "Terror of the Pterodactyl," where I had the extreme good fortune to be working with people I could credit as "Pstan Lee, Psyd Shores, and Artie Psimek." Roy liked the chutzpah involved in that - and he offered me a superhero series, just like that.

All of a sudden, I were a writer.

During those early days, I wrote several more uncredited stories and three credited one-shots - two romance stories and another monster short - but within months I was full-up with series.

"Terror of the Pterodactyl"
Plotted by Al Hewitson
"I Failed at Love!"
as "Anne Spencer"
"I Can't Love Anyone!"
as "Anne Spencer"




Ya gotta love that OUR LOVE STORY cover!