GI Joe Extreme
"Wreckage: REVENGE!"

As an avowed conscientious objector, I'm against war. As an adventure story writer, I sometimes get called upon to write war stories. I don't have a problem with that so long as the warriors are clearly defined characters, and not just battle-bruisers. They can win or they can lose, be on the "right side" or the "wrong side," so long as they add up to a story.

So I was a little unsure about GI Joe Extreme when Roger Slifer offered me one. Fortunately, Roger knows me, and offered me one about battle-bruisers who turn out to be human beings. In fact, that was the point of the story - about Freight, a hero, and Wreckage, a tortured villain, and the untold history between them. Stone makes an appearance, and the main menace [surprise!] is Iron Klaw, but the backstory, when Freight and Wreckage were normal men about to become monsters, is what makes it for me.