My animation experience comes in two flavors: the episodes I wrote for series, and the series I generated with my comics writing. They should almost be two separate galleries, but I'm diversified enough already.

Animation is a volatile business, with projects appearing and disappearing all the time. When I was first asked to do work there, it was, as it turned out, the last good year for the business in recent times. Every year since then, my friends there have said "This is a down year. Fortunately, animation is cyclical." Every year.

For a while the new avenue of webisodes (stories using Flash animation over the net) appeared, but they went away as well. When I wrote Nightshadow for Stan Lee Media, neither Flash or the net was good enough to make Stan's dream a reality. It was really too bad. But along the way, I've gotten to write some characters I wouldn't have encountered in other media, and known the joys of seeing line art come to life.


Team Atlantis: "Ragnarök"
a/k/a Atlantis: Milo's Return
Droids: "Filament"
Team Atlantis: "Eyes of Bushongo" GI Joe Extreme:
"Wreckage: REVENGE!"
Street Fighter:
"The World's Greatest Warrior"
Captain America: "Skullhenge"
Street Fighter:
"The Flame and the Rose"

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