Captain America

A couple of people at Disney liked my animation work, and when some of them moved to Saban, they wanted to bring me over. Then came the Captain America animated series - a no-brainer for the guy who'd turned Cap into Marvel's best-selling title.

The series was going to be set during World War II, in Europe (but, in true TV fashion, the enemy forces were not going to be called "Nazis"). The main villain was the Red Skull, and I had developed a plot in which the Skull was going to deconstruct Stonehenge and rebuild it as a gigantic swastika on Salisbury plain. That's when I first heard that we weren't doing swastikas, either - and while I was working around that (the Skull was going to purloin the Stone of Scone instead and crown himself King of England), Marvel's monetary troubles got the series cancelled.