At last! A page in this gallery with no artwork to go with it.

Nightshadow was going to be a series for Stan Lee Media's online comics. Having been asked specifically to write it because of my background doing "dark" characters, I was none too crazy about a name that sounded like a combination of The Night Man and Shadowman, but couldn't get it changed. Oh well.

The idea behind it was Stan's: a man who gains the cool powers of a vampire without the bad parts. He could change to a bat and a mist, and gain inhuman strength, but didn't have to drink blood. I made him an Interpol agent operating in Europe and envisioned a very dark James Bond, but after writing the first three webisodes, the bubble burst and it was never produced, which is why there's no art.

I debated putting this under Comics, but decided that since it would have had movement, albeit limited movement, it belongs here.