Parallel Worlds


Most of the games from Activision were Sega and Nintendo actioners, but after a while, some of us wanted to do something more advanced. Producer John Skeel, Associate Producer Scott Russo, and I got bizzy on a multipath sci fi epic for CD, Parallel Worlds. This was firmly in the cyberpunk vein and concerned the aftermath of a war which had left the many dimensions of reality intermingled, but all inside a tower which stretched from well below ground to the stratosphere. The bottom sketch below shows a street scene where nexuses (nexi?) abound. This allowed the player to take shortcuts; it also allowed him to make one wrong turn and end up in deep doodoo. Fortunately, he has friends, such as Peexi, also shown below.

Unfortunately, this was another of those projects whose life-cycle was longer than the company producing it. We were well into PW but nowhere near done when Activision began layoffs in preparation for its eventual move to LA.

[There's now a software house called Parallel Worlds; not related.]