As discussed in Final Legacy, after a year of general game design I was asked to join a new section called the Advanced Games Group, which was Atari's hope of saving the company.

We worked for a year on five games, all different, to expand the public perception of what Atari produced. Hobgoblin was a text adventure, like Zork, but its unique point was the Hobgoblin, who was the player's constant companion as he made his way along. Nothing like that - devoting so much AI to create a functioning, quirky character - had ever been done before. This was my particular baby, working closely with my boss, Chris Horseman.

When the Tramiels bought Atari, we were able to get a truncated version of Final Legacy out the door, but Hobgoblin, like all our other games, was cancelled completely. Thing was, Chris and I really liked it...