Hasbro/Infogrames - which, as you can tell from its status as a link above, is a web site - was a truly wonderful place to work. And why not? It was nothing but games.

It began as an offshoot of Hasbro, which makes, as was often said, "every game you've ever heard of except Uno." Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue [Cluedo], Boggle, Sorry!, Battleship, Asteroids, Centipede, Milles Bornes, Pit, Rook, Yahtzee - they all belonged to Hasbro. All that was needed was to build a web site so people all over the world could compete against each other, or get together for extended family games - and I was Web Site Editor. Plus, everybody in the building had to playtest each and every game. It was a rough life.

But was interesting to me on all sorts of meta-levels, because Hasbro had bought the rights to the original Atari games, and of course I had started at Atari, so what had gone around had come around. And then, soon after we launched the site, Hasbro sold it and the licenses for all its games to Infogrames - which didn't mean much at the time, but a year later I went to work for Infogrames at Atari Labs and intersected Atari for the third time.

Then, two years after that, I ended up working for a supposedly-revamped a second time, as the Senior Creative Consultant in charge of redesigning everything. This is a very convoluted but very incestuous field!