Camelot 3000


During my years at Atari, I co-designed close to a dozen games. Some of that consisted of no more than handling a particular section in a larger tapestry - it wasn't, at this time, quite the "bullpen" atmosphere I've extolled at Marvel Comics, but it was close.

There were other games, however, where my contribution was more central.

Camelot 3000 was based on the hit comic by Mike Barr and Brian Bolland. They had done it for DC, which was part of Warners, as was Atari, and so...

I got the assignment not as a former colleague of Mike's, but as an Atari designer. I remember meeting with Mike at Atari and feeling caught between two worlds; if I schmoozed with him I confused my new colleagues, and if I didn't I risked alienating him. Evidently I alienated him, because we were never close until we came together to co-create Malibu's Ultraverse. Since then we've been quite good friends.

But at this time and place, I made sure I got as much of the true comics feel into the game as possible.