X-O Manowar


Jim Shooter had drawn a lesson from Marvel's success: he felt it stemmed from Stan Lee's writing all the titles. Therefore, when Jim began Valiant, he wanted all the books to sound the same, and he made me a deal: write his flagship title in his style, and then I could do the next title my way. What the heck; I liked Jim.

Then came that next title...



ICollection: 1-4I



1: Plotted by Jim Shooter, scripted by me.

3: Guest-starring X-Caliber™ from Coyote™. As discussed there, Marvel tried to maintain that they owned every name beginning with "X" and came after X-O, so Jim licensed my character to bolster his argument that they didn't.

5: Plotted by me, written by Jim and Bob Layton.

RETRIBUTION: By the time this collection came out, Jim and Marvel had made some sort of arrangement, and X-Caliber's name was changed in the reprint.