Wonder Woman

When asked to do a fill-in for the Amazon Princess during George Pérez's intelligent celebration of sisterhood, I thought "Okay, I'll do an abortion story." I had one woman who wanted a baby, one who wanted an abortion, and one who wanted a baby but was smoking crack. Since there were no men on Paradise Island and babies were given as presents, Diana had a hard time figuring all this out, and none of her gods would give her an easy answer.

Rereading it now, I'm still quite proud of it - but obviously, it was shelved.

Still, my revamp of Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman got me a segment on the syndicated television series Evening Magazine.



As noted on the comics index page, I sell copies of my original scripts - so I get reader comments on unpublished books. I wanted to share this one, with the author's permission:

I am writing to you because I just finished the Wonder Woman story and really wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I was adopted and abortion is always a topic that I question because if my birth mother had an abortion, I would not be writing you this email. On the other hand, I do believe there are times where there is no other option and see the other side of the issue.

I wanted to compliment you on this story. I felt you did a nice job of tackling a very touchy issue and created characters that are so contemporary that 14 years later, the script still holds up. Diana's nature as an outsider from another culture really served to create some powerful moments. I felt so bad for the character of Corey. You really created a three dimensional character who was already going through a stuggle over her choice, only to have the compounded by the protesters, who also added depth and realism to this tale.

I am glad you chose to replace Julia's role with Demi for this issue. I am guessing you did this to show the idea child bearing situation and it works very well. The character of Steph completes the triangle, as the mother who is against abortion, yet disregards the future of her child by continuing her addiction.

I know you stated at the convention that DC didn't want to publish this due to the controversy. I truly wish they would have because I felt you wrote a very strong story about abortion that still rings true today. It wasn't "preachy" and handled all sides of the issue with respect while making a point about how dangerous extremists can be. Thank you again for bringing this script.