Vampirella I



I began my comics career as an art assistant to the great Neal Adams. I have no idea what Neal saw in me other than a love of comics, and perhaps a kindred spirit, because I was not really much of an artist when he took me on. He taught me, fed me at his house, taught me to distrust authority, and was in all respects the man who solidified whatever it is I've become.

He had, at this time, a script by Denny O'Neil for the VAMPIRELLA magazine, and he threw me right into it. I did layouts for some pages and he did the pencils; then he did layouts for other pages and I did pencils. I inked it; he inked it. And when we were done, he insisted that my name go on it beside his! Now this, folks, was and is unheard of. Many artists have assistants, and none of them credits his assistant. But Neal wanted to get me a published credit so I could start a career. That's the kind of guy he is.

As it turned out, I never could get my hand to draw pictures as well as my mind envisioned them, and so I became a writer - but a writer who thinks like an artist, thanks to Neal Adams.

Man, you can sure look like an artist with Neal helping you.




ICollection: contains "The Soft, Sweet Lips of Hell"I



Other black & white art jobs can be found in EERIE 35 and PSYCHO 7.