Silver Surfer II


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So there I was, writing the first successful SILVER SURFER ever - when Marvel made its decision to go into reverse (also discussed in WEST COAST AVENGERS and FANTASTIC FOUR).

First, I was told to go back to the formula which hadn't worked: one issue stories, with a moral, while he pined for his lost girlfriend (who hadn't been his girlfriend since issue 2 of this run).

Second, I wrote an issue (what would have been #23) with Thanos and Mantis, and was told Thanos was not allowed in SILVER SURFER. [This would have come as news to Jim Starlin, who had created Thanos, eventually followed me on SURFER, and wrote some serious epics with the two then.] That script, which would have teamed the God of Death and the Goddess of Life long before AVENGERS CELESTIAL QUEST, was simply shelved.

What can I tell you? Things were bad, and looked like they'd only get worse. But then... [To Be Continued on the following page]




21 was a fill-in.

24: G.I.G.O. is a computer term: "Garbage In, Garbage Out."