JSA Classified


So after the 4-part JLA Classified got done, the thought was, "Let's make the run longer so we can collect it as a trade," and I was asked to do a 3-parter on this book. It naturally picks up on the survivors of the JLA run in the current day, which was a fun jump, but it's also a story of Stargirl. I didn't go into this storyline with the idea of doing all women all the time, but the storylines write themselves.

The other cool thing here is that after I spent most of the JLA run keeping you from thinking about Gypsy's secret, here you know going in what she's up to so you watch it unfold right along with her.




Since, as noted before, I liked what Tom Derenick and Mark Farmer did on the insides of all 7 issues, I wish they could have done the covers, too. I love Zeck and Ordway, and always have, so this is no snark on them, but I prefer the interior artist doing his own covers; it's just more immediate.