Do's & Don't's of Dating

(and The Witching Hour)


When you're starting out, you do whatever job comes your way.

DC had a lot of one-pagers they used to fill out issues. Page Peterson, advice counselor, solved teen problems in six panels, but she was generally a feature. The one-pager I did for THE WITCHING HOUR was filler pure and simple.

I"The Unbeliever"I



I also did backgrounds for other artists at this time:

DETECTIVE COMICS 413 [Dick Giordano]

ADVENTURE COMICS (SUPERGIRL) 411-415, 417-419 [Bob Oksner - and wasn't he great?]

JIMMY OLSEN 149 [Bob Oksner]

MOD WHEELS 5 [Sal Trapani]

and I colored stories:

GREEN LANTERN 86 "The Icicle Goes South" [with Neal Adams]

DETECTIVE COMICS 417 "Edgar Allan Poe"

FLASH 211 "The Rival Flash," "Is This Poison Legal?"