Black Rider


The official name of this book as published is THE MIGHTY MARVEL WESTERN FEATURING STRANGE WESTERNS STARRING THE BLACK RIDER, which makes no sense to me whatsoever, but hey, MASTER OF KUNG FU started in SPECIAL MARVEL EDITION #15, so I guess people can figure it out.

Marshall Rogers and I were waiting for the go-ahead on DARK DETECTIVE III when Marvel offered this guy. Our first order of business was, do something different from the Batman. Our second order of business was, hey, that won't be hard; this guy can be quite cool being himself, once I thought about his giving his horse a secret identity before he had one himself. And then Marshall said, "Let's put him in New York." Which does indeed make it a STRANGE WESTERN.

It also turned out to be Marshall's last published comic.



ICollection: BLACK RIDER 1I



Nice Kirby westerns in the back. Kirby also did the origin story for the Black Rider, which is not reprinted here, but which Marshall and I used as the basis for our retelling.

THE HARDCOVER: Well, that was quick. Three months after the comic.