Countdown to the Moon

It's 1969 - just 63 years since the Wright Brothers flew! - and the United States is on its way to the moon. If human flight had been a fantasy, human flight to another world was not even worth thinking about. And yet…

Neil Armstrong grew up in Ohio, just like the Wright Brothers. Buzz Aldrin was from New Jersey; his mother's maiden name was Moon. Michael Collins had no particular interest in anything until he heard about a plan to reach another world. These were the men who'd come together to fly 250,000 miles in four and one-half days - to go where no one had gone before.

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And don't miss the first book in this series, NASA's pick as the best biography for kids of the men who started it all, the Wright Brothers: Countdown to Flight!

IOriginal Avon Camelot edition ["25th anniversary" refers to the flight!]I

Countdown to Flight!

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