Rustle's Christmas Adventure

A Christmas Serial in 25 parts
for good boys and girls everywhere

Story by Steve EnglehartArt by Joe Staton

December 1

Rustle Meets a Gnome

December 2


December 3

Chiss and Mymla

December 4

The Cavern of the Coalman

December 5

Rustle Stands Tall

December 6

The Feast of Saint Nicholas

December 7

Northern Lights

December 8

The Spirit in the Bark

December 9

The Pit

December 10


December 11


December 12

The Battle for the Bell

December 13


December 14

Gerondimar's Tower

December 15

Gift in the Sand

December 16

The Treasure Hunt

December 17

A Night of Miracles

December 18

A Night of Silver

December 19

Home Again

December 20

North by North by North

December 21

Santa Claus

December 22

Father Ice

December 23

The Plan

December 24

Evergreen Advent

December 25

For You

This is the story of Rustle, a little evergreen tree who joins Chiss and Mymla, two of Santa's elves, on a mission to rescue Santa's magic silver bell. It's the bell that lets Santa go all around the world in one night, so if he doesn't get it back by Christmas Eve...

But Rustle and his friends are up against the sinister Coalman and his nasty gnome, Yørgøn. Before it's over, they'll have traveled around the world themselves -- even back through time -- and you'll be with them all the way!

Best of all, all 25 chapters are FREE!

The whole story is available for all of December. You'll enjoy it most if you read up to today's date, and then a chapter a day till Christmas -- but if you want to read it all at once, that's okay, too. It's your present!

Rustle's Christmas Adventure™ and © 2018 Steve Englehart.
Art © 2018 Joe Staton.

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