Dr Strange

The first TV movie (and series pilot) I actively generated was Dr Strange. The comics series that Frank Brunner (artist) and I co-plotted had become a hit and Hollywood was inspired to base a movie on the story in issues 1-5 of the comic, overlaid with elements from the entire run.

This was an odd film. The plot and spirit were very close to what made the comic work, but then that got overlaid with Hollywood's refusal at the time to actually do comics. So Dr Strange is a psychiatrist (he's familiar with the, you know, mind) - Clea "Lake" is his patient - the Ancient One, played by the great John Mills, is a guy named "Lindmer" - and Wong wears a three-piece suit. But it's a good made-for-TV movie, and would have made a good TV series. It's just not - quite - DR STRANGE.

Frank did storyboards for the production.