Ultraverse Extras


The Malibu editors were always thinking of ways to expand the market. Unfortunately, Marvel was about to collapse the market for everybody. But in the interim, Malibu came up with some clever ideas, all to add value to our product.

First was ULTRAVERSE PREMIERE #0, which had stories from before our respective series' #1's. Mine is a tale of Yrial when she thought she'd never get back to earth.

Then there was ULTRAVERSE ORIGINS, which recapped, well, origins, with art by people not usually associated with the books.

Beyond that - in books I wasn't directly involved with - it's worth noting that they published the SIGNATURE SERIES, with pictures of everyone on the Malibu team and space for their autographs, for use at cons - and ULTRA MONTHLY, an ongoing "newszine" about the heroes. It was a pleasure to be involved with these people.

I"From On High"I



ULTRAVERSE ORIGINS: The Night Man with art by Kevin Maguire. The Strangers with art by Adam Hughes.