Super-Villain Team-Up


I escaped SKULL THE SLAYER to take this on, and it was a whole lot more fun. For one thing, I got to work with Herb Trimpe again. For another, it was an intrinsically goofy idea - Doctor Doom and the Sub-Mariner fight the world - because they naturally have to lose, and who wants a book about losers? Well, people who don't know that that's what it's about, and that's where the fun for a writer comes in. You dazzle 'em with footwork.

Unrelated to the above is the happy fact that Subby lost his leathers between issues 5 and 6.

But totally related was my creation of the Shroud in #6, to be a third force somewhere between the villains and the heroes. He was a combination of the Shadow and the Batman, both favorites of mine, and since I was a Marvel writer I was never going to get a chance at the real Batman...



ICollection: includes 5-8I