The Night Man III

1-24, Vol. 2: 1-4, The Night Man vs Wolverine

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The Night Man came out the other side of Black September as two distinct people. To this day I think the possibilities of this are astounding, but Marvel was not and never has been interested.

On the one hand, he was the new, more magickal guy seen in Volume 2, issues what really wasn't a bad story under the circumstances...

...and at the same time, he was the original guy, now lost in the Marvel Universe, where he fought Wolverine. And both were real.

As a writer, I love the idea that this guy was now living two separate lives in two separate universes. He had developed as one being until Black September, but now that one being was facing two separate sets of circumstance, and each would develop differently thereafter. I proposed to Marvel that there be two ongoing series about The Night Man, one a Malibu book and one a Marvel book; it would have been so cool and, well, innovative (they said no). But consider the Marvel Night Man: he had been the Malibu Night Man, who had made himself into a hero in a world just beginning to have them, and had achieved a certain level of notoriety with the public and camaraderie with the other Ultras. Now he was in a new universe where the heroes have been around forever, all know each other well - and don't know him at all. He has no social security record, no father, no girlfriend, no job - so how does he cope? That's the series I want to do with Johnny Domino.

Well, anyway, all the Malibu comics proceeded to fall into Marvel's oblivion - but then The Night Man was reborn as a television series...



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THE NIGHT MAN VS WOLVERINE has alternate covers. I spent an amazingly fun weekend in Virginia with Kyle Hotz, who drew the story and the cover on the right, signing 10,000 copies with the cover on the left (with art by John Romita Jr.). We played a lot of ABBA.