The New Guardians


MILLENNIUM spawned a new series starring the heroes created therein. It was supposed to be an advance in comics comparable to COYOTE™ - the next step in a more realistic approach to superheroes - and to that end I got a promise from the highest powers at DC that I could do sex, drugs, and politics, unhindered.

I put all those into the first issue and they were taken out. I went to the man who'd given me the promise and he reneged. So I walked away.

But my insistance on including a gay hero, first in MILLENNIUM and then here, paid off down the line when DC founded a sub-line called Milestone and allowed it to use gay issues with no interference from above.



2: Plotted by me, scripted by Cary Bates.

The original title for this series was TRUMPS, but New York thinking was that this would offend The Donald. I'm not making this up.