Madame Xanadu


Madame Xanadu had been around DC for a while, in a book called DOORWAY TO NIGHTMARE that usually sported lovely Mike Kaluta covers (like the one below). At some point, Marshall Rogers, my Batman and MISTER MIRACLE artist, and I did a fill-in.

Then Batman hit big, and DC wanted to put this out as the "first issue" of another Englehart-Rogers series. Well, we hadn't approached it either as a series or as a "blockbuster" (which is what the cover called it) - fill-ins need to, uh, fill in, not disrupt the flow of the ongoing series. But DC said we could make up ground in chapters 2 and 3. We said, "It's a complete-in-one-issue story. That's what fill-ins are!"

I eventually found away to extend the story - and then had the trouble getting paid that I discuss in THE FOOZLE. So there never were any other issues of MADAME XANADU.