The DNAgers™ 1:

The Legend of the
Crimson Gargoyle

One minute, 13-year-old twins Jack and Mary are reading from an old book about their long line of twin ancestors - and the next they're standing in a village in 14th-century France! They have their 21st century minds, but they're in the bodies of their ancestors, Jacques and Marie. 

Almost at once, their "father" is kidnapped by a cult that worships a monstrous gargoyle, and the twins are plunged into deadly danger. With no time to spare, Jack, a sports hero, and Mary, a science whiz, pit their 21st century skills against the mysteries of the 14th. But even if they find a way to unmask the cult's hidden leader and rescue their father, the greater mysteries remain: 

* Why are they in the 14th century, and 

* How will they get back to the future? 

$9.95 from iUniverse.

And don't miss the second book in this series, The DNAgers™ 2: The Legend of Crossbones Key.

IOriginal Avon Camelot editionI

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